St. Lucie County Sheriff's Department 1979 - 1985


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Doing what he did best
The face only a mother could love
Receiving another award.  Best fish story
Jimmy Thompson
Erine Carpentier
Don Thompson
(Main Jail)
Telling me, don't you have something better to do?
Who knows what he was up to.
Percy Brumsy
Sgt. James Tedder
Andrew Russotti

Taking a break to eat some jail house chicken

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Constant Training
Book 'em Dano
Bobby Hubbard
Richard "Raz" Razkowski
Andy Carmichael
(Main Jail)
(Main Jail)
"TUrn to your right please"
44 to Foat Pierce
Not to happy that he once had that hair do
"Butch" Whitfield
Donnie Ingram
Dale Speck
That face looks familiar
Don't look so serious!
Shirts were to tight
Unknown Employee
Rob Bleyman
Greg Dampier
(In & Out of Both Jails)
(Main Jail)
Yes, even George did some work
"Don't you have something better to do?"
I think I broke a nail!
George Nojam
Sgt. Ed Ashton
Mary Lou Jankowski
(Main Jail)
(Main Jail)
(Main Jail)
"Take everything out of your pockets"
"I don't know if I really like Les"
Always happy!
Clifford Wheeler
Ingram Hazeleaf
Helen Hodges
(Main Jail)
(Main Jail)
(Main Jail)
School: Smarter then the average bear
Very astute
The writing is too close to the paper
Jon Cardell
Jeff Main
Ted Plumstead
(Main Jail)
(Asked To Work Overtime)
(Main Jail)
Visiting the jail
Unknown Phone Operator
Trying to cover the bald spot
Bill Riordan
SwitchBoard Operator
Les Limback
(Annex PD side)
(Main Jail)

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Bryan Whitty
Marty Hacker
Rick Blaska
(Main Jail) Court Division
(Main Jail)
(Main Jail) Court Division
Dennis Sclafani
Margaret Jenkins
Lillie Miller
(Main Jail)

Giving speech at annual roast

Mike Bonagura
Lt. Walls
John Petty
Leroy Davis
Mike Gurney
John Fruth
Lou Durbin
Sue Durbin
Sally Whitfield
Steve Zaring
Tom Waters
Michael Lucky
Tom Zades
Bill Schaubel
Larry Strickland
Kenny Sohl
John Chauchi
Kenneth Hall
Brian Scribner
Rick Hamner
Larry Maggart
Joe Ballinger
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